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Lent Books

 Below are a selection of Lent Books available.If you know of other Lent books that you think other people would appreciate then please email the title and author by clicking here so that they can be added to this list. More books will be added to this list.

Abiding by Ben Quash : The Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book 2013
This book draws on the wisdom and imagery of modern film, fiction and art as well as key figures in the classical Christian tradition to explore 'Abiding', a concept central to the Christian life. The kind of 'abiding' that Jesus calls his followers to is one of relinquishment, openness and change - living a life out of one's own control so as to 'abide' in Him.


Love Life Live Lent by Paul Gooder and Peter Babington
It's back and again there are two versions, one for adults and youth, the other for kids. Change the world for the better during Lent one small action at a time! Love Life Live Lent offers 40 simple choices and actions for each day of Lent to make the world a better place. Each action is accompanied by a Bible verse and a short reflection unpacking the action and exploring what it means to be a disciple today.
Lent for Everyone: Luke by Tom Wright
This book takes the reader through the designated Lectionary reading for every day of Lent and Easter. The Bible readings are Tom Wright's own clear and accessible translations. Each passage is followed by a greatly written reflection and a prayer that will help readers to ponder the relevance of Luke's Gospel for their own lives.Suitable for both individual and group study and reflection, Tom Wright's Lent book will allow you to make Luke your own, thoughtfully and prayerfully. It will help to make your journey through Lent a period of rich discovery and growth.

Reflections for Lent 2013 with Stephen Cottrell, Steve Croft, Barbara Mosse, Mark Oakley
Reflections for Lent is designed to enhance your spiritual journey through the forty days from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday (13 February-30 March 2013).

Covering Monday to Saturday each week, it offers stimulating and accessible reflections, from three respected Christian authors, on a reading selected from the Common Worship Weekday Lectionary.

Each day includes:

• Full lectionary details for Morning Prayer
• A reflection on one of the Bible readings
• A Collect for the day

This is ideal for individuals and groups seeking Lectionary-based reflections for use during Lent and Holy Week.

For the first time, this 2013 edition features a simple form of daily prayer and a guide to the reflective reading of scripture.


The Nail: Being part of the Passion by Stephen Cottrell
Key witnesses describe Christ's crucifixiion from theirpoints of view. Each character considers the part he or she played in hammering the nails into Jesus. Every reflection consists of a biblical reading, each character's own perspective on what was happening and a short prayer. It is suggested that although this book is ideal for individual reflection it could also be used for group study or an innovative liturgy for Good Friday.



The Things He Carried by Stephen Cotterell
A journey to the cross - Meditations for Lent and Holy Week based on different things Jesus carried - the cross, a crown of thorns, a seamless robe, his follower's disappointments, the hopes ofGod, the sins of the world, our sorrows and a broken heart. Eash chapter ends with suggestions for a quiet time of reflection.




Journeying with Jesus: Personal Reflectionson the Stations of the Cross and Resurrection: The Mowbray lent Book 2013edited by Lucy Russell
An introduction to the Stations of the Cross and Resurrection is followed by a complete set of reflections on the Stations, written by well-known contributors from public life: those who have made the headlines, those who write the headlines and those who reflect on the headlines in their sermons and in the broadcast media. Contributors include Ann Widdecombe, Archbishop John Sentamu, Fr Timothy Radcliffe, Ruth Burrows and Sister Wendy Beckett. Individual stations reflect the personal experience of the author: Margaret Mizen, whose son Jimmy was murdered in an unprovoked attack in a baker's shop in South London in 2008, identifies with Jesus' mother Mary at the foot of the Cross; physicist Russell Stannard reflects on space in the Empty Tomb; Kelly Connor who, at the age of 17, ran over and killed an innocent victim, writes about the need to be forgiven.

Barefoot Disciple by Stephen Cherry
Last year's Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book. This is the rediscovery of genuine, passionate humility as a healthy, life-giving and community-building virtue, capable of transforming our BSE (Blame Someone Else) society. In our celebrity-obsessed culture, humility is unfashionable and too often dismissed or confused with the cringing, false humility of Uriah Heep. Here the author shows that, when genuine humility is energised by real passion, fresh and exciting light is shone on the challenge of following Jesus Christ today and humility is rediscovered as a healthy, life-giving and community-building virtue.

God's Springtime by Joyce Huggett
Readings and Prayers for Lent





Approaching Easter by Jane Williams

This is a gentle, reflective book moving through Lent to Good Friday and Easter in which Jane Williams encourages the reader to make space for reflection. Different themes include power, love, fear, compassion and waiting. Each chapter is a combination of spiritual reflection, quotations from the Bible and other sources, and personal story. It is illustrated throughout with fine art.


Our Sound is our Wound: Contemplative Listening to a Noisy World by Lucy Winkett 
This was a previous Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book and asks the question how do we listen for the voice of God in our own lives and how do we find our own voice?




The Way of the Cross: Travelling with Jesus by David Adam
This book follows the traditional pattern of fourteen stations and combines beautiful prayers with vivid illustrations.