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Bishop Justin's Maiden Speech in the House of Lords


Bishop Justin took the opportunity of his Maiden Speech in the House of Lord to praise the North East's sense of innovation and also to appeal for more to be done to boost business confidence in the area. He asked for more support to be given in sareas such as construction and skills.

Speaking about this area, the North East, Bishop Justin said, “It is an area of innovation and exporting, the only region with a balance of trade surplus. In recent months we have seen the growth of the car plant at Nissan, which with the latest investment announced a few weeks back will employ 6,000 people. Last year Hitachi announced a train assembly plant within a few miles of where Stephenson built the Rocket. A few weeks back steel production began again on Teesside at the SSI plant, where it had stopped last year, finding jobs again for up to 1,500 people. But all this takes place against the grim economic background which the Gracious Speech recognises and which was the context of the Budget Red Book.”
(The Gracious Speech was the Queen's speech when she opened Parliament recently and the "Budget Red Book" contains the Government budgetary propsals.)

He went on to speak of his patronage of the Northern Echo's 'Jobs Campaign' which aims to create and find a thousand apprenticeships and internships over the next few months. He also spoke about a ceremony he attended in Newton Aycliffe a few weeks ago where the owner of EBAC (a major manufacturer of water coolers and other office equipment) gave his company to a Trust for the benefit of the community and its staff.

Bishop Justin's notes for his speech can be downloaded by clickiing here.


This is a recording of the afternoon session in the House of Lords during which Bishop Justin made his Maiden Speech. To save you watching the whole debate Bishop Justin began speaking after 44 minutes and 31 seconds.

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