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Counselling Service

“accessible, affordable and affirming of faith”

A confidential counselling service for church members and clergy 


Counselling gives you the chance to talk through things that are concerning you.
The counsellor helps you to do this by listening to you, not by giving you advice.
Many people find it really helps to talk to a counsellor – they can “get things off their chest”, “find a new perspective”, “see things in a new way”.

How counselling works

Counselling involves working with a professionally trained counsellor over a number of sessions, in complete privacy.
Sessions last for about an hour. The number and frequency of sessions vary greatly and can be discussed with the counsellor.

A confidential service

The Counselling Service is confidential. However, in exceptional circumstances (e.g. where a child or a life is at risk) this would be reviewed with the counsellor.

An inclusive counselling service

In the spirit of the Christian faith, we welcome all who seek help from our Counselling Service regardless of age, doubts about faith, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Counselling may be helpful

  • when you have been bereaved
  • when you have family or relationship difficulties
  • when suffering from depression or anxiety
  • when you, or your family are affected by illness, or caring for dependents
  • when you have sexual issues
  • when you are stressed at work, at church, or at home

The counsellors

All our counsellors are professionally qualified. They have regular supervision and work according to the Ethical Framework for Good Practice of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.
All our counsellors are Christian. They do not impose their own values or beliefs on clients, but are always willing to include the spiritual and religious dimension in the counselling if the client wishes.
The Counselling Service is made up of a network of independent counsellors who work in a variety of settings. They belong to our network because they believe in offering a counselling service that is “accessible, affordable and affirming of faith”.


We want our Counselling Service to be accessible and affordable, so we do not charge a set fee. We ask you to contribute as you are able. Generous contributions from some, enable us to offer counselling to all.
Private counselling costs about £40-£50 per session. We ask you to make a minimum contribution of £10 per session. Please talk to us if you are worried about the payment.

Thanks to a grant from the Hospital of God at Greatham, help with funding is available, anonymously, to diocesan clergy and their families.

For further information contact Tony Wright, Adviser in Pastoral Care and Counselling, on 07746 846317, Email:  or Pamela Wilson (admin support) on (0191) 374 6024,  E-mail:                                                   

Cuthbert House


Confidential telephone line:   07746 846 317

If you are unsure whether counselling is the right choice, for you or for someone else, please ring to discuss it.