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Bible Readings for your wedding

There are many popular and exciting readings to choose from. Read some of these together and see if what they say seems important to you. We also recommend that you read them in a modern translation of the Bible.

  • God creates women and men to look after the earth [Genesis Chapter 1, verses 26-28]
  • A love poem between two lovers [Song of Solomon, Chapter 2, verses 10-13]
  • Jesus teaches how to live life that brings true happiness [Matthew, Chapter 5, verse 1-10]
  • Jesus teaches about marriage and welcomes children [Mark, Chapter 10, verses 6-9 and 13-16]
  • What happens when Jesus attends a wedding reception [John, Chapter 2, verses 1-11]
  • Love - actually! [1 Corinthians, Chapter 13]
  • Committing to each other [Ephesians, Chapter 5, verses 21-33]
  • Seeing the good side [Philippians, Chapter 4, verses 4-9]
  • Getting the perfect relationship [Colossians, Chapter 3, verses 12-17]
  • Being a good lover [1 John, Chapter 4, verses 7-12]

There are a number of wedding websites with suggestions for music and readings:

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