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Baptism for babies and children often takes place during a regular service in your local parish church on a Sunday. In the service parents are saying both thank you to God for the gift of a new life and starting their child on a journey of faith. The journey is one which will last a lifetime of discovering what it means to be loved by God and how to share that love with others.

The best way to find out about and arrange a Baptism is to get in contact with the vicar of your local church. If you know the name of your church you can look up the contact details of the vicar here on our website or through A church Near You.

Some people call the service a Christening instead of Baptism and wonder what the difference is. There is no difference between a Baptism and a Christening. Some churches will call the service a Baptism and others a Christening.

The Church of England has an excellent new website where you can find out about the meaning of Christenings or Baptisms called “First Steps on an Amazing Journey”. It has sections for parents, godparents and guests as well as what next and will answer a lot of your questions.

There is also a section called ‘Your Baptism’ on the original Church of England website.